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 Founded in 2009

The Chin Forum’s Vansangva Online Democracy Training that was first launched by its coordinator Salai Kipp, started end of 2009 until the beginning of 2012. This educational platform, presented both in text and audio format via social media and website, reached out to many people inside Burma. This online democracy movement, aimed to educate and dramatically heighten the political awareness of the Burmese people, have received overwhelming supports and approval from sectors of the society.

Image by NEOM

Our Beginning

The Chin Forum, established in Ottawa, Canada in 1998, is an esteemed educational platform dedicated to promoting, democratic values, fostering civic engagement, advancing the principles of good governance and constitutionalim among the Chin community and beyond.

With a rich history of advocating for democracy and constitutionalism, the Chin Forum serves as a vital hub for dialogue, knowledge-sharing, and capacity building.

This project aims to educate and empower individuals and communities by enhancing their understanding of democratic principles and equipping them with the tools necessary to contribute meaningfully to the democratic development of the wider region across Burma, transcending all ethnic or geographical divides.

The Vansangva Group

Our Relaunch

Many of our Vansangva fans have been requesting us to relaunch the Vansangva Movement, and consequently, we are preparing to relaunch Vansangva starting this year in 2024. The Chin Forum has reached a resolution that the Vansangva Movement should this time be better launched under its own management rather than being attached to the Forum. Therefore, we are now independent from the Chin Forum, operating as a standalone group independent of any other organization.

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